A Caring Environment

A Caring Environment

A quality program for preschoolers should provide a safe, healthy, stimulating, and caring environment which fosters the child's development as a human being. It is Charlie Brown's goal to provide a program that supplements and complements each child's home experiences by providing opportunities that enhance the child's cognitive, social, physical, and emotional development.

Charlie Brown believes that the key to developing a program for young children is frequent communication between parents and center. We believe that play is a very important aspect of the preschoolers experience. Play helps the child learn about her/himself and what she/he can do; learn about others; learn about adults; and learn about his/her environment. We believe that play is child's work and many learning opportunities are provided for children through play by themselves and with others. Children are encouraged establish friendships during play and to express his/her feeling through play.

The safety of toys and equipment is carefully considered when purchasing. The room arrangement must be interesting so the children are stimulated to explore and interact. A schedule is established so that children, parents, and staff know what to expect from our program. This schedule is flexible in order to meet changing program needs (field trips, special events, etc.) A "balanced program" provides indoor and outdoor activities, quiet and active times, teacher lead and child initiated activities. In order to enhance each individual child's developmental needs, a variety of experiences are planned.

Various equipment and activities are used to encourage greater large and small muscle control. Building self-esteem is an essential step of healthy emotional development. In order to stimulate this, each child is given lots of positive attention, affection, and acceptance. Opportunities to promote skills in the areas of language, science, math, art, and music are provided. Social skills such as sharing, taking turns, respect for others, etc. are emphasized.

We believe that a quality program for young children should promote and maintain growth in the self worth of each child. It is our goal to help the children in our care to become caring individuals.