About Us

History & Purpose

Charlie Brown provides a fun learning environment Charlie Brown Community Day Care Center is the original child care center in this community, founded in 1968, the goal and purpose of quality child care. Our mission is to provide a stable, nurturing environment to children that encourages social, emotional, and developmental growth through building positive relationships in a preschool and child care setting.

Charlie Brown is a child nurturing center that cares for children from birth to 12 years old in age-appropriate environments . A play-based curriculum is used for the  three and four-year old preschool programs.
All centers are represented by a Board of Directors comprised of professional people from the community and parents whose children attend the centers.


A Caring Environment

A quality program for preschoolers should provide a safe, healthy, stimulating, and caring environment which fosters the child's development as a human being. It is Charlie Brown's goal to. . .Click Here for the full story

Did you know that a Yale study finds that make believe play boosts learning and school-readiness in children? Play is fun, easy to do, requires no special training, costs nothing and can help children, especially those at risk for school failure, succeed in school.


Full-time - Part-time - Drop-Ins - Evenings - Saturdays - Preschool - Infants - Toddlers - Before & After School - Respite Care - Special Summer School Program - Meals & Snacks - Crisis Child Care - Financial Assistance Programs

State Licensing

Charlie Brown centers are fully licensed by the State of Iowa, Department of Human Services. The centers participate in the Iowa Department of Education, Bureau of Food and Nutrition, Child and Adult Care Food Program and recognized as a Level 4 Center in Iowa's Quality Rating System.