Infants & Toddlers

Quality infant and toddler care can set the stage for learning.  Charlie Brown Preschool & Child Care Centers focuses on these areas when caring infants and toddlers.

Research shows that significant brain development occurs from birth to 3 years old. Charlie Brown provides age appropriate environments that promotes physical, cognitive and emotional development while having their personal needs met by our caring providers.

Please refer to our “Welcome to Babyland” forms for more information about Charlie Brown’s infant care.


  • Hellos and Good-byes
  • Diapering and Toileting
  • Eating and Mealtimes
  • Sleeping and Naptime
  • Getting dressed


  • Playing with toys
  • Dabbling in art
  • Imitating and Pretending
  • Enjoying stories and books
  • Tasting and preparing food
  • Exploring sand and water
  • Having fun with music and movement
  • Going outdoors


Diaper changing contest/staff training.