School Kids

A quality program for school-age children should be comfortable, relaxed, and provide experiences to complement each child's home and school life. It is our primary goal to provide a warm and caring environment for the children, with a variety of educational and recreational opportunities.

Communication between home and center is an important factor in developing a quality program and should coordinate home, school, and center routines as it develops a close relationship between center staff, children, and families. A daily schedule is established so that children and parents know what to expect from the program. This schedule can be flexible enough to allow for spontaneity and changes in the program for field trips, music, group sports, and games. Indoor and outdoor activities provide a balanced program.

Our summer school-age program offers a variety of recreational activities along with stimulation to learn about new ideas. Opportunities are created to allow the children "hands on" experiences outside the center. Community resources and programs are utilized to their maximum.

The program is designed to provide children with:
A curriculum that promotes self-esteem and positive self-image; social interaction; self-expression and communication skills; creative expression; and problem solving skills.
A balance of active and quiet activities; individual and group activities; indoor and outdoor activities; and staff-initiated and child-initiated activities.

Activities which promote both gross and fine motor development.
Experiences in harmony with the ethnic and cultural backgrounds of the children.
We believe that a quality school-age program should promote and maintain growth in self-worth to each child: provide a wide variety of new experiences to stimulate new growth: and build on the current interests the child has already acquired.

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